Gray Court Dead Animal House; Father Charged

Matthew William Batton, the father of three children including an unresponsive child that was discovered in a Gray Court home that included over 70 dead animals, has been arrested by the Laurens County Sheriffs Office.

READ: Child Found Unresponsive in Feces Covered Home in Gray Court

Batton has been charged with child neglect and ill-treatment to animals.

Batton was released from the Johnson Detention Center after posting $35,000 bond.

On July 28, Deputies responded to a call at the home where they found a 2-year-old unresponsive and other children with visible bruising.

Deputies say the house was filthy and had 88 animals living inside. The animals included cats, dogs, rodents, and reptiles, some of which were poisonous.

80% of the animals were dead.

The mother, 25-year-old Savanah Morgan, was arrested on July 29 and is still being held at the Laurens County Jail.

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