Top 7 Ways To Save At Consignment Sales

Starting tomorrow and into next month, there are a few huge semi-annual consignment sales going on in the upstate. It’s a great way to save money, but the frenzy can also lead to overspending.

Here are some key tips to help you save at the Switcharoos Consignment sale, or any semi-annual sale.

1. Make A List
Mother of three Breanna Carlisle has come to Switcharoos for 4 years. She says she has overspent many times, but now she checks her kids closets and the attic and writes a list of stuff she really needs to get.

2. Don’t Forget A Cart
Strollers aren’t always allowed, so bring a rolling cart, or if you don’t have one, a laundry basket with a belt attached.

3. Hit Popular Items First
What are those? Consignment organizers say: outdoor equipment like slides and bikes, as well as cribs and smocked dresses. The other clothing you can wait on.

4. Compare Pricing
If you see mutliples, don’t assume they are the same price. There is no standard.

5. Test The Products
If it has a battery, make sure it works.

6. Look Online
Sometimes you can get stuff new at Amazon for only a few bucks more. So do a quick search to make sure the pricing is really a deal.

7. Wait To Save More
If you don’t need specific items, your best savings come Sunday when many products are half off.

Next time, consider volunteering or selling your stuff at the sale. That gets you in early, so you can get first pick.




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