It’s a Glam Thing – Summer Bazaar

This summer, enjoy yourself, accessorize with what you love, protect your skin and hair, be colorful, look good and have fun!

Gerard Cosmetics NEW liquid lipsticks are here!  You will love  Serenity Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipstick, Mercury Rising Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipstick and Aphrodite Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipstick.

They go on and you don’t feel like you have anything on your lips but, they are called “Hydra” because they are very hydrating for your lips.

Also NEW from Gerard Cosmetics are Star Powders, They are cheekbone highlighters that come in a compact.

They add an extra glow and radiance alone or over your blush. Star Powders come in “Star” names – Marilyn ( named after Marilyn  Monroe), Audrey (named after Audrey Hepburn) and Lucy (named after Lucille Ball)

The Hard Candy Brand now also includes sunglasses and eyeglasses.  You can get them at Walmart. They carry the sunglasses and the RX able (subscription) Optical frames. The catchy name designs include Birthday Suit, Blind Date, Beach Bum, All Nighter and more.

As far as a nail polish brand, try  SuperStar Nail Lacquer . It’s a vegan polish that is perfect for the health conscious woman. It is fast drying for on the go moments with  great coverage that lasts a long time, the names are fun and make you feel like a celebrity or the star and you are Eco-friendly and toxin free.   Ariana Pierce the  25 year old founder of this line and is a superstar in her own right!

Some colors that are great for Summer and for Fall :

1. My stylist loves pink
2. Orangu an a lister
3. Soho chic

4. Model behavior
5. Starlet Red
6. Posh Plum

Lori Manuel Steed and Birgit Grossmann Coles founded the company SIMBI, Inc. SIMBI is a unique company born in Haiti. Everything from conception, manufacturing and sales is done from there with a drive  to elevate Haiti’s reputation. They want to change that and show the world what Haiti has to offer, but bring sustainable jobs and help those in need at the same time.
This brand is not considered a charity but an ethical enterprise to help and support the community. You can shop for hair bracelets, headbands, and bracelets and more.

Oils are trending like Pura d’or Pure and Organic Argan Oil. It has a great deal of uses like , helps diminish Wrinkles, Stimulate Skin Cells, Reduce  the Appearance of Scaring and Stretch Marks, Create Softer Smoother Skin. It provides relief for Eczema and Psoriasis, Restores Nutrient Content to Skin Cells,Helps Moisturize Dry Scalp and Stimulate Hair Regeneration.Repairs Damaged Hair

This 100% argan oil is produced using the highest standards in the industry. It is imported from South Western Morocco, cold pressed, unrefined with no chemicals added. Safe for all skin, hair and nail types. <;
<;  <;

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