Greenwood Man Arrested After Police Discover Boy Held In Closet

Police say they have moved a woman and her children into shelter and her husband, Milton Delon Hogue, is now charged with Domestic Violence 2nd Degree and Two Counts of Unlawful Neglect of a Child.

They say they got a request for a welfare check for a woman on Greenbriar St. in Greenwood County.

The caller said the woman was being held against her will by her husband.

According to the report, they went to the house and found the woman with bruises on her arms.

The wife said Hogue would take her cellphone so she couldn’t call for help. She said she would sometimes go days without eating as punishment and he had taken away her bed and made her sleep on the floor according to the report.

When they determined the wife and children are being placed into a shelter, they say they went into the bedroom where they found Hogue playing video games. The woman asked them to open the closet door where here son was being kept.

Hogue told police he kept the boy in the closet to watch him, because he has diabetes and sneaks food.

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