Men Impersonating Cops Carjack Men in Greenwood

Greenwood Police say men were carjacked in Greenwood by two men impersonating police officers Monday night.

The men said they were on Edgefield Street when a silver Dodnge Charger started following them.

They say the Charger turned on white strobe lights and they though they were being pulled over.

Two men wearing shirts that had “Police” written on them pointed handguns at them.

They said they realized that the men were not police and started to drive off.

The impersonators grabbed the men and pulled them out of the vehicle.

The victims say that at some point during the struggle one of them was handcuffed.

While the police was on the scene dispatch notified them that a deputy was in pursuit of a possible Charger with Georgia plates. The lost sight of the vehicle on Pine Dr, They said they did locate the vehicle which had been abandoned.

They are still looking for the suspects.

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