Woman Builds Wall to Protect Easley Home From Speedy Drivers

Speeders and distracted drivers have one upstate community worried for their safety. Neighbors on James road in Easley reached out to 7 On Your Side, asking for help.

“Could run over one of our kids and that is a high price for cell phones or speeding,” said one of those neighbors, Rita Izquierdo.

Rita Izquierdo built a rock wall in front of her house. “Sometimes they’re driving anywhere from 75 to 80 miles an hour,” she said. She’s afraid a car coming around this curve could crash into her home.

“It’s put me a little at ease. At night, when I’m asleep, if they hit that it is going to at least slow them down.”

Rita lives on James Road in Powdersville. She says the growing area has moved speeding cars and busy traffic to her neighborhood.

“You got to keep one foot on the ground, one eye on the road and be ready to run because people fly so fast,” she said.

Rita says the higher traffic has caused several accidents on the small road over recent years. She sent us this picture of one that happened here about two weeks ago.

“They’ve run off right here and cut their mailbox down. [See] that line right here? That’s where a girl hit it,” she said pointing to where accidents had happened before.

She says over the years she and her neighbors have reached out to law enforcement to get help. “I think that the law needs to let their presence be known. I know they can’t be here all the time but at least let people know that they are patrolling,” she explained.

We checked with Highway Patrol and they say there have been a number of accidents on James Rd since 2004. They also say there is something that can be done to lower those numbers.

“There have been 3 really bad accidents within the last 3 months,” Rita added.

Highway Patrol says to fix dangerous roads you should file a citizens complaint form with them.

Troopers will study the traffic to find out if active patrol or other steps are needed. But they say they only have so many troopers. They have to concentrate on the more dangerous roads.

Troopers say they are looking into any problems on James road. For now Rita says she’ll be keeping a closer eye on her Granddaughters.

“They’re not usually allowed to go past my flower bed in the middle of my yard because I don’t feel safe with them being out here,” said Rita.

According to Highway Safety from 2010 to 2014 there have been at least 11 crashes on James Road, injuring 6 people. Anderson County Deputies say they also responded to at least one. There were no numbers available for 2015.

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