Beware of “Facebook Workers” Offering You Winnings

A warning about a new twist on an old scam. It’s the one where they say you won the lottery, but this time a bogus Facebook employee reaches out to make it sound more official. An easley man was onto it, but what he did next may have put him at greater risk.

Jesse Webb never had a Facebook page until 3 months ago.

“My wife and them told me, oh we set you up with Facebook account and all this, and I’m like, what?!”

To a scammer, a new page is a clue that the user could be clueless about online ploys. Not Webb.

“It was a dead giveaway. She picked the wrong one.”

Webb says he got a friend request from a woman who claimed to work for Facebook. Her page was less than a month old.

She said he had won “the Facebook International Lottery.” It was a $500,000 prize.

He didn’t believe it for a second.  And we confirmed with Facebook, it’s a scam.

And yet, Webb played along. She told him he could pick up his winnings at the Facebook headquarters. He said he couldn’t fly to California. She said, they’d ship it for a $150 dollar fee, and that was the catch, he was looking for.

“I done it mainly to real her on in to see what was going on.”

But he admits, he went a little too far. During that online chat, She asked to verify his information. He gave her his real name, address and phone number.

The danger with giving up too much information, even if you’re onto them, is that you can end up on a scammers list, opening yourself up to more scam.

“I admit, I didn’t think about it thoroughly, but that was a mistake I made, but maybe I can catch more of them.”

And if he does, he says he’ll warn others about those scams, too.

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