Upstate Students Head Back To School Monday

Are you ready parents? Class is about to be back in session for many of your students.

Monday kicks off the first week back-to-school for several upstate schools. Students in Spartanburg, Cherokee, Union and District 50 and 51 in Greenwood County will also be back in the classroom.

The rest of the upstate heads back on Tuesday, including the biggest district in the state, Greenville County.

Being the mom of two sons, back to school preps are no easy task for Teresa Grimes. She joined many parents Sunday getting last minute supplies.

“You have to have a good mindset and our pastor said today to just have a good spirit,” she said, giving advice to other parents. “Stay focused and do the best you can.”

But Teresa says she’s much better at it than she used to be. Both of her sons head back to class in Anderson County Tuesday. She says she started preparing two weeks ago. Her sons are already going to bed earlier and she’s made sure to get in touch with their teachers for help.

“I reach out to them with any questions comments or concerns,” Teresa said. “Yeah we’re ready.”

Stephanie Townsend is using a similar approach to send her 12th and 6th grader back to the books.

“They’re getting to bed earlier, getting up earlier, which is harder to do,” she added. “You won’t be so groggy whenever they go back to school. It doesn’t always work but we try.”

Experts say the first week, it’s good to get organized, to ease back into the schedule. You can use a checklist for your children, so they know what they’re expected to do and like the Townsends, have everything ready to go and a routine established. “A week before, we have everything in our book bag, so we can just pick it up and leave,” said Stephanie’s daughter, Brooks.

7 On Your Side’s Krystyne Brown spoke to a teacher Sunday, who says it’s just as important to have a routine when the kids get home. Check for homework assignments and go over established rules.

“There are kids that want to bully. [There are] some that try to rule the bus or whatever.” Like Teresa does with her sons, you should also remind your children of what they can do if they approach a tough situation. “I always tell Jared or Jacob that if anything occurs, let the bus driver know.”

Remember, before you head out the door this week, send us your pictures! We want to share the excitement of your first day back. Just go to our website and print out a “sign” for your kids to hold up saying which grade they’re in. Then – send them in!

You can post them to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page with the hashtag #7beforethebell.

Count on “7 on your side” to keep you covered “before the bell” rings for special “back to school” coverage with Brianna Smith.

Be sure to watch each morning, starting tomorrow at 4:30 on 7 on Your Side Daybreak. We’ll have live coverage as schools around our area welcoming students’ back and also the latest weather for bus stop time and traffic checks for drive times to schools.

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