Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Visits SC

Ben Carson, Republican Presidential Candidate
Doctor Ben Carson greets supporters at his signing for the SC GOP Presidential Primary.

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Ben Carson supporters gathered this morning at the SC State House to welcome the republican presidential candidate back to the Palmetto State.

Holding signs saying, “Honk for Carson,” rally participants chanted “BC for DC” in front of the state house this morning.

Carson said he asked for donations from citizens to help him pay for the $40,000 primary.

He said political experts told him he would never be able to run for President of the United State because he couldn’t afford a national campaign on his own.

He believes the political experts he mentioned were forgetting what he said was the “most important part of raising money.”

Carson said the most important thing is “the people.”

“At this point in our history, we the people are about to reassert ourselves and we are going to take America back for American people,” Doctor Carson said.

He said “the people” have more money that any billionaire or any interest group, and claims that’s what has helped him make his campaign possible.


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