Greenville HS Coach On Leave After Assault Conviction

Greenville Co. Schools says Richard Singleton, a coach and teacher at Greenville High School was placed on leave pending an investigation after he was convicted of third-degree assault.

The charge is a misdemeanor.

Director of Communication for the school system Oby Lyles says they just learned of the conviction Tuesday.

Lyles says they are investigating the circumstances and conviction, but the assault was not related to students or his employment.

Singleton reported the incident for which he was charged to the principal.

Lyles says a preliminary investigation led them to believe charges would dropped and they didn’t uncover facts that would indicate the need to remove him from the classroom.

He said on August 25, they found out that on or about August 18, Singleton pled guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge which resulted in him being immediately placed on leave pending a review of the circumstances surrounding the conviction.

The warrants say that during an argument, Singleton grabbed a woman and pushed her down onto a pool table. It also says that Singleron entered the woman’s home without her permission after he had assaulted her with the intent to assault her again.

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