In One Week, Pit Bulls Attack 4 People Across Upstate

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Pit bulls have attacked at least four people across the Upstate within the past week, killing one woman and seriously injuring another one.

The attacks, which happened in both Spartanburg and Greenville, involved both children and adults. On Saturday, a pit bull attacked and killed Porsche Cartee, 25, at a house on Beverly Hills Drive. The dog, which was euthanized, tested negative for rabies.

Then, on Tuesday, another pit bull attacked two women in Greenville’s Poe Mill community and seriously injured one of them. Deputies shot and killed the dog. One the same day, another pit bull chased a little boy in Spartanburg and then charged at a police officer before the officer shot and killed the dog.

Dr. David Dawkins, a veterinarian with Eastside Animal Hospital in Spartanburg, said while it’s true that pit bulls don’t attack more often than other breeds, their attacks are usually more violent in nature.

“They [pit bulls] tend to have the ability to cause much more damage,” said Dr. Dawkins. “They [pit bulls] just react and it can go from zero to 100 in a matter of milliseconds.”

“Per square inch, the pit bulls jaws are very, very strong in comparison to a lot of other breeds,” said Dr. Dawkins. “So, once they clamp down, it can be very difficult to get them off of their target.”

According to, pit bulls are the most deadly dog breed in the United States, accounting for 64 percent of the 42 fatal dog attacks nationwide in 2014.

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