Dead Newborn Found Inside Greenwood Co. Dumpster

Investigators in Greenwood County are looking into the death of a newborn.  They found the baby abandoned and dead inside a dumpster.

The discovery was made at the Wisewood apartment complex, off Florida Avenue, on Wednesday.

“It never got a chance at life. That’s sad,” said Ashanti Jackson who saw the discovery unfold.

According to the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office, dispatch received the call around noon.

“I saw a detective.  He took a bag from the dumpster,” said Jackson.

The mother of three says what she saw next made her realize something was very wrong.

Adding, “he actually opened one of the bags and when he opened it, he took a step back.”

Investigators say they still don’t know if the newborn was dead or alive when it was put inside the dumpster.  An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday.

Officials haven’t released any information on who may have been behind the the act, but several people say they saw detectives focus on a specific area of the complex.

“In the apartment above me, I saw detectives going in and out. I actually heard them say they had found blood coming down the stairs from her apartment and then they had the crime scene tape up there so I knew they were focused on that apartment,” said Jackson.

In South Carolina, the Safe Haven Law allows parents, or anyone unwilling to care for their infant, to give up custody — no questions asked.

An infant, up to 30 days old, can be given to an employee on duty at any hospital, EMS provider, law enforcement agency, or worship center.  As long as there are no signs of intentional abuse, no information is required.


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