Leaders to Discuss Lake Island After Another Drowning Death

Micheal Pruitt’s drenched belongings sit next to his cousin’s feet in a pile. His family spent all day Wednesday searching for them at the bottom of Lake Keowee.

“His mom just wants them back,” said James Anderson, Pruitt’s cousin. “We all miss him.”

Micheal was crossing over to the popular swimming island, “The Rock”. He called for help when he went under but his friends couldn’t save him in time.

Just 4 months ago, a Greer teen Treven Tolliver drowned trying to cross the same spot. Frequent visitors tell us, these waters have claimed several lives in recent years.

“It’s very dangerous. It don’t look like anything. It don’t look like nothing, but we take it for granted,” said Andrew Knoblauch, who says he lost his friend 10 years ago at the landing.

“I have to float on my back if I swim there. I can barely make it to the other side,” said Mike, a frequent swimmer.

The Oconee County Coroner says since 1994, there have been at least 15 other drownings at Falls Creek Landing.

Trevan’s family say something should be done like putting up warning signs to save future swimmers.

“I don’t want it to happen to anybody else,” said Trevan’s family.

When Tolliver passed in April the Oconee County council discussed putting a floating platform connecting falls creek landing to the island.

We asked for an update on that proposal. Leaders tell us it was only a discussion and at this point is nothing more.

They say they do have plans to meet with DNR, Duke Power and Responders to find a plan to make Falls Creek landing a safer destination.

Pruitt’s family says they hope to see the council make a decision. So no more families will have to sweep the lake looking for loved one’s memories.

The Oconee County Coroner ruled Micheal Pruitt’s death accidental.

Responders pulled him from 25 feet of water. Pruitt’s family says he knew how to swim.

The Oconee County Council says Falls Creek Landing, where the rock island is located, is owned by Duke Energy.

County leaders say to make any plans like building a floating dock, they would have to lease the land. They plan to meet to discuss that lease with duke energy after Labor Day.

They could not give a specific date on that meeting.

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