National Dog Day About More Than Just Cute Pics Of Pets

This puppy, Abner, is up for adoption at the Spartanburg Humane Society

You may have noticed on your social media feed that it is National Dog Day (August 26th). Besides it being an excuse for you to share a picture of your favorite pet, it’s also about the need to make you aware of a big problem: Overpopulation.

If National Dog Day teaches us anything, it’s that we love our pets.

In just two hours after asking viewers to share pictures of their dogs on the WSPA Facebook page, we had nearly 500 posts.

“Yes they’re my children. I love them,” said Colby Whetstone who owns one dog and fosters four others.

But the day is about more than just loving your own pet. Walk into any animal shelter and you’ll see why.

Spartanburg Humane Society has about 250 dogs needing a home after an overflow this summer.

“Unfortunately, people go on vacation. People want to do other things and so they say well we’ll just turn them in, you know, to kind of free up our space,” said Angel Cox with Spartanburg Humane Society.

She says National Dog Day brings attention to the need for pet adoption, spay and neutering and volunteering at your local shelter.

Even if you’re not a pet person, you can help overpopulation in your community by things like donating money or even pet food.

“That’s the number one thing is to cut down on the number of unwanted pets,” said Cox.

“I just think dogs are one of the most loyal beings on this planet. No matter what kind of dog it is. They’re gonna love you unconditionally,” said Whetstone. “They’re just, they’re great.”

Spartanburg Humane Society says it has an even bigger overpopulation of cats and kittens. You can adopt one for $5 right now. For more information, call 864-583-4805.

If you’re interested in adopting or donating in your community, call your local animal shelter.

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