SRO Saves Choking Anderson Co. Middle School Student

Every day is a busy day for Lakeside Middle School Resource Officer, Deputy Shawn Davis. “I check halls, check doors, check people walking through, things like that,” Officer Davis explained.

He spends every lunch hour, roaming the lunch room, trying to learn the names of his students.

“My main job is to build a good ropier with the kids,” he said. “If they need me, I’m going to be there for them.”

Wednesday, he was there at exactly the right time.”It was just a normal lunch,” The Deputy said. “I noticed a little commotion at the table, got up to go find out what it was and I could tell the kid was trying to remove something from his throat.”

“I was standing probably standing about 15 feet, and quickly closed in on the SRO and student when I noticed what was happening,” recalled Tiffany Osborne, Lakeside Middle Principal.

A piece of cheese became lodged in a boy’s throat, that was sitting close by. “I asked if he was okay and I could tell he wasn’t getting any air,” said the Officer.

That’s when Officer Davis moved quickly. He performed the Heimlich maneuver on the boy 4 times, until the student was able to breathe again.

“I think God puts us in places,” Davis told 7 On Your Side Reporter Krystyne Brown. “He puts us there and that’s where he needed me that day.”

“Some of the students around began clapping when it was all over,” remembered principal Osborne.

Before the school year, the deputy was trained and certified as an Emergency Medical Responder. After only two weeks into the school year, it’s already working. There are SRO officers at each school throughout Anderson County that, like Officer Davis, have had that same training.

“The training our officers went through was designed to provide just this type of life-saving techniques”, stated Sheriff John Skipper in a statement.  “It’s only the beginning of the school year and the training is already paying off big; especially for this Lakeside student and his real-life hero.”

Now, everyday forward, the students of lakeside middle will know, they have a hero walking their halls.

“I love it. I will retire doing it,” Deputy Davis said.

Anderson County Deputies say the student is doing okay. He was checked out by the school nurse and taken to an urgent care center just to make sure.

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