Trump Talks Jobs, Toupee Rumors In Front of Sold Out Greenville Crowd

Republican Presidential Front Runner Energizes Crowd of 1400

Britain Women's Golf Open
Republican presidential front runner, Donald Trump, got multiple standing ovations before a sold out crowd of nearly 1400 people in Greenville, Thursday.

The business man and often controversial candidate was not afraid to fire back at his critics with humor.

“I don’t wear a toupee. It’s my hair. I swear. Come here,” Trump said, pulling an attendee on stage to examine his locks and declaring them “real.”

Trump spent great time touting his business prowess as a marker for a successful Trump presidency.

“We are going to, indeed, make America great again. Maybe better than ever before,” he said, garnering a standing ovation.

Trump spoke to media following his speech, saying better trade negotiators are key to boosting jobs here at home.

“We’ll take them back from China. We’ll take them back from Japan. We’ll take them back from Mexico. We’re going to take jobs back and we are going to have jobs in this country,” said Trump.

He also took time to address Wednesday’s shooting deaths of two Virginia journalists who were gunned down by a disgruntled former employee.

“So sad. So, something has to happen. It’s not about the guns. It’s about mental instability. You have people with great mental instability,” he said.

Trump laid out a short list of issues he’s committed to including immigration reform, veteran services and women’s health. He’s also proud of his strong polling numbers, reaching 30% in South Carolina. He said the silent majority is giving him a boost.

“They want to see wins. They want to see us have victory. We’re not having victory any more in this country,” said Trump.

When asked if he would support the republican nominee if he were not to win, Trump said he’s “got time to think about that.” Supporting the eventual candidate is part of the republican pledge required during candidate filing in South Carolina.

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