A Core Workout You Can do Anywhere

 Elizabeth Colen Fitness Expert for It’s a Glam Thing

Recommend 3 set

Reps anywhere from 10 – 20

1st Exercise

Sit at the edge of your chair feet planted firmly on the floor.

Back straight, abs tight lean back as far as you can, if you can touch the back with your

shoulders on the back of the chair, great, if not go until you feel your abs engage

feel those abs engage and then exhale and return to seated position

2nd  Exercise

Sit at edge then lean back so that just your shoulder touches the back of chair

feet – should be on your toes

raise one foot at a time  alternate if you are more advanced raise both legs at time

Return to seated position

3rd Exercise

Sit at edge abs tight

hands across your chest or behind head

Abs tight and twist to the right, lifting the left knee touching elbow to knee if you can or as close

as you can.

4th Exercise

Sit at edge with back nice and straight then bend forward as far as you can go without rounding

your back.  Return to seated position.

You have worked your entire core and all from your chair.  You could be at home at the office or

even in the car.

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