App Makes Car Lines Move Faster in Greenville Co.

Every parent knows how much time can be wasted in a car line at the end of a school day.

Greenville County Schools just expanded their car line app to 21 middle and elementary schools in the district.

The app for districts was made by the IT department. It allows principals or teachers to plug in car numbers that correspond with students.

Students then can stay in the classroom longer waiting for their car to pull up. This allows for extra safety measures by keeping more students inside and making sure they get in the right vehicle.

The app started at Paris and Monarch Elementary 3 years ago. Principals say the app has cut down on time that parents are waiting in line.

Greenville County Schools made a video about the app on their Facebook page, since then schools from as far away as Bangkok Thailand have inquired about the program. The video has over 4 million views and thousands of shares.

Click here to find the Greenville County Transportation’s Website.

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