Countdown to Stephen Colbert Late Show #7Colbert

Online I have been tracking ALL the developments with the new Late Show starring Stephen Colbert! And there is so much to track! We will keep you up to date with the links I am sharing on my social media channels right here and on TV weeknights at 11 leading up to the September 8th Debut on WSPA TV right after Seven On Your Side at 11!

FRIDAY #7Colbert

Stephen Stunts Cable access interviews with Eminem is just one of the many pre debut stunts Colbert and his crew have come up with – check out all the publicity stunts CLICK HERE 

Colbert on Waze Colbert is the voice of WAZE the traffic app! On Labor Day weekend you can use Stephen to get around. READ MORE.

Re-Introducing Stephen is the latest to do a profile on the late night funny man. READ MORE 

       He did seem hyper-aware of the difference between his previous half-hour gig and this one, mentioning more than once that he’d be doing 202 shows a year. (Yesterday, CBS announced his premiere would run nine minutes beyond the usual hour.)

Colbert’s fake podcast ads Colbert loves podcasts and has been making some fake ones leading up to his Late Show debut LISTEN HERE.


Thursday #7Colbert

Biden booked as a guest  Will VP Joe Biden make news on the show when he appears on Thursday September 10th? Political observers wonder READ MORE

Top 10 Things You Don’t Know About Colbert Did you know he’s deaf in his right ear? That he did a short stint on one of the network morning shows?  READ MORE 

Magazine features: GQ Time Magazine and the New York Times have done in depth profiles on Stephen Colbert in the last couple of weeks.


Test audiences have been getting opportunities to try out Colbert’s humor inside the Ed Sullivan theater for the last week.  CNN just did a story on how the test shows are being received. READ MORE HERE

First Guests: The first night you can expect to see George Clooney and Jeb Bush as featured guests – plus some “special guests” that the show is not disclosing.

Jeb Raffle War:  Jeb Bush – one of Colbert’s first guests – has an extra ticket – so Bush is using it to raffle off the chance to be at Colberts debut show and raise money for his Presidential campaign. THAT is NOT sitting well with Colbert who went online this afternoon to fire back with a raffle of his own – the chance for someone to get their question asked of Jeb Bush on the debut show.

#Colbrew There is a Colbert Beer available and the show isn’t even on the air!

Tickets: If you will be in New York in the coming months the show is beginning to list ticket availability online. To see if tickets are available when you need them CLICK HERE.






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