Father Of Chesnee “Kill List” Student Says Son Was Bullied

CHESNEE, S.C. – The father of a middle school student who was suspended and recommended for an alternative school after he was found with a “kill list,” Monday said his son was bullied for more than a year.

The 12-year-old student, who is in the seventh grade at Rainbow Lake Middle School in Chesnee, was bullied by the three students whose names appeared on the “kill list,” according to his father, who said the students called his son names, shoved him and tripped him in the hallway.

The boy’s father said the school resource officer visited his home and searched his son’s room shortly after the list was found. He said the officer did not find anything suspicious.

The student’s father said he complained to school administrators last year, when he said the bullying started. He said the bullying was so severe that he complained as often as two or three times each week, but said he never heard back from the school about a resolution and said the bullying continued.

“When we hear of incidents, we work with them and we work with the kids and we try to arrive at solutions,” said Spartanburg School District 2 Superintendent Scott Mercer. “Sometimes there’s punishment to meet out. Sometimes there are conversations. We involve parents.”

Mercer said he could not comment on the case because of federal school privacy laws.

The district’s policy on bullying states that either a student or a student’s parent or legal guardian may file a complaint with a school principal. After the complaint is filed, administrators investigate. If they determine bullying occurred, the punishments range from an apology to an expulsion.

The boy’s father said his son will spend at least the next year at an alternative school.

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