Hundreds Honor Young Brothers Who Died In Bank Crash

Hundreds gathered Wednesday to honor the lives of two young boys who died Sunday when their mother’s SUV crashed into a Greenville bank and caught fire.

Wednesday, family of 3-year-old Micah and 5-year-old Tyrin Young asked all who showed up to remember life is too short not to love one another.

“I’m a grandmamma and I’m weeping, but weeping endures for a night,” said the brothers’ paternal grandmother.younvigil2

It was a tearful reminder that we’re not promised tomorrow. Both grieving grandmothers lifted their voices to heaven, praying the deaths of their beloved little boys would not be in vain.

“Joy cometh in the morning. They can’t come back to me. Praise God that I can live holy and go to them,” said the paternal grandmother.

Through prayers and outstretched arms, the community poured in to show the family love. There was a heart wrenching reunion with the man who arrived to the scene first on Sunday. He did all he could to help. Even the firefighters who responded to accident showed up to pray and shed tears.

Sunday, investigators say the boys’ mother was hit by a truck trying to cross Wade Hampton Road. They believe her gas pedal got stuck as she swerved into Arthur State Bank. She got safely out along with her daughter. She pulled Tyrin out, but the coroner says he ran back into the bank and died inside. Micah was trapped in the burning car.

“We live life now, but we can’t live it without Christ,” said the boys’ maternal grandmother.

The tragedy sent shock waves through this grieving community who continue to ask why this had to happen. However, Wednesday night, just feet from where the boys died, it was not a gathering to focus on the death, but new life. It’s an eternal life the family believes happens when we leave this earth. They say their boys are in the arms of Jesus.

“As I look at you, it is nobody but God. Nothing else matters. No negativity and nothing but positivity. Nobody by God,” said the maternal grandmother.

The boys’ father is serving with the military overseas and the military is covering the funeral costs. Still, the local group “Fighting Injustice Together” has set up an account for the family at BB&T. You can donate at any branch.

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