Family Fears Their Pit Bull Was Stolen for Dog Fighting

SELMA, NC — A Selma family is asking for your help after their dog was stolen from their home.


The family is afraid that he may have been taken for dog-fighting.

“He was just not there, his runner was there, his collar was there, and he wasn’t there,” said owner Shannon Auton.

For Auton, coming home to find her dog missing on Aug. 27 was a nightmare.

After nearly 11-years together she and Ice formed an almost human-like bond.

“To me, it’s like losing a child because when you’ve had an animal that long…it’s horrible that you may never see them again,” Auton said.

Her greatest fear is someone stole him to place him into dog-fighting, which is something common for pit bull breeds.

“He can’t fight, he’s a loving dog…he just needs to come home,” said Auton, who added that Ice needs arthritis medicine that his family normally gives him.

Since Ice went missing, the only tip they family has received is from a neighbor, saying she saw two men dragging a dog that looked like Ice down Buffaloe Road.

Since that tip, they haven’t heard anything and their search efforts have come up empty.

They’re now taking precautions and keeping their other dog locked up inside.

“Because we didn’t want anyone to steal him,” Auton said about her other dog.

One good thing that has come from this is the amount of support from others. Pictures of Ice have been shared thousands of times on social media.

“I know there are evil people in the world, but to see that so many people care and have good hearts…it gives you hope,” Auton said.

The family says they have offered a $500 reward for Ice’s safe return — with no questions asked.

Ice is a very friendly dog and never meets a stranger, he would be willing to go with someone if they took him, the family says.

Ice weighs about 110 pounds, has a big white strip down his face and a lot of white on his chest. His breed is a Blue Brindle American pit-bull.

Selma police are also investigating….you’re asked to call them with any information.

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