Get a Jump Start on the Flu Season this Fall

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Are you ready for flu season? Doctors say you should start preparing now in order to be ready for the season that is from October until the peak of the virus in December.

Doctors recommend getting the flu vaccine now to fight the virus by the time it arrives this fall.

Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital and USC School of Medicine’s Doctor Anna-Kathryn Rye, says getting vaccinated should be a top priority in protecting yourself from the flu.

Dr. Rye said, “I think people forget that influenza can be very harmful, it can kill people.”

She said everyone needs to step up their game when it comes to flu vaccines, because the number of people getting them in the country is on the lower side.

“If you don’t have the virus, you can’t spread the virus,” she said.

Doctors also said getting the vaccine doesn’t only protect you, but it protects people who are more vulnerable to the virus. Some of those people include senior citizens, children under the age of two, and anyone with health conditions weakening their immune system.

But if you get the flu, what should you do next?

“If you or your child is sick, stay home,” Dr. Rye said. “Please, please, please don’t go to work sick, don’t go and send your child to school sick.”

Getting vaccinated early is not the only way to stay protected from the flu. Dr. Rye said washing your hands is very important to keep germs from spreading.

She also said even if the flu season rolls around and you haven’t been vaccinated, it is never too late to get it.

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