Girl Gets Stuck In Claw Machine, Gets Grounded

Kids never cease to amaze, especially when it comes to finding mischief. A Frisco, Texas six-year-old is no different. She got stuck in a claw toy machine.

Arcade games are irresistible by design and so is a dare, when delivered by a big sister. Juliette Grimes, 6, told CNN she wanted to get her sister a ball out of the claw machine, but the ball proved to be out of reach. So what did she do? “I opened the door, and then put my whole body in there and I got balls, but I couldn’t get out,” she said.

All of this unfolded at a local pizza parlor with the adults just a few steps away. Juliette’s mother, Cecilia Green, said “In her world, there are no challenges. If there’s a boundary, they’re meant for other kids. Not for her. For us anything and everything is a challenge.”

Six-year-old Juliette wasn’t harmed in her adventure. But, she has been grounded. And big sister Katy right along with her. Katy Grimes, who dared her little sister Juliette to climb into the machine said, “I haven’t told my mom this year, but maybe it was a double dog dare?”

The girls’ mom says the Frisco Fire Department was fabulous-and managed to rescue her adventurous cutie without so much as a chuckle.

Toddlers getting stuck inside claw toy machines is a surprisingly common occurrence. A quick search on YouTube reveals dozens of videos of kids stick in claw machines all over the world.

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