NC girl’s lemonade stand raises $44,000; more donations make it $110,000

Chloe Crawford and her friends at the lemonade stand. They set up a lemonade stand and something incredible happened -- that ended up with $100,000 for a good cause. Photo Courtesy of CNN.

CASHIERS, N.C. — For many children, there’s a summer ritual that plays out all over the country.

They set up lemonade stands to earn a little money, but for one little girl and her friends something incredible happened — that ended up with $100,000 for a good cause.

When the new school year began at Summit Charter in Cashiers a couple of weeks ago. Chloe Crawford and her friends had just finished a story-book summer.

Josh Crawford, Chloe’s dad, “I like to call this a love story because the love of this community and the love these kids have for this school.”

A love that could be found at Chloe’s lemonade stand.

All summer long, many hours a day, “Chloe and Abbie sat in that chair sometimes eight hours a day.”

Often missing out on other things kids like to do.

Chloe Crawford, Person of the Week, “sometimes it was slow and sometimes we missed out on going to the lake and something like that.”

Chloe and all her friends, about 40 of them, took turns watching the stand and selling lemonade.

They were glad to help, because Chloe, with some encouragement from dad, had a plan for the money they raised.

“I wanted to give it all to my school because I know they needed it.”

“This is a public school and we face the same budget cuts other schools do.”

Danny Howell, director, Summit Charter School, “we received no money for facilities, no capital needs. So we have to raise that ourselves.”

So one cup at a time, some people paid more than a dollar and others sponsored the effort and counting up all the hours the stand was open, “380 hours!”

Chloe and company sold so much lemonade, “I think everybody was just floored.”

When Chloe and the kids gave the final paycheck to the school, there was $44,567 dollars.

But wait, this love story has more than anyone could have bargained for because a lady in the crowd had something to say.

“I would like to match their campaign.”

Barbara Carlson, the grandmother of a student, matched the $44,000, for a total of $88,000!

“Just a great testament to one girl’s ideas and work with a bunch of people added together can make it happened.”

And what happened next, well… Carrin Patman, took it to $100,000!

And to think it all began with Chloe and her lemonade stand.

“Well in my speech I told the crowd my daughter was bright and brilliant in ways a father couldn’t comprehend, and I think that pretty well sums it up. Knowing she had the vision to do something like this for her school.”

Recently another person donated money to Summit’s campaign, bringing the total to $110,000.

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