Anderson Man Handing Out Car Decals to Support Police

Blue Lines are popping up across the windshields of several Upstate cars recently. One Anderson man may be to blame.

Car after car rolled into the front of Anderson Cell, turning it into a drive through. Drivers are coming in to show their support to law enforcement and the dangerous work that they do.

“We saw it on Facebook and so we wanted to come out and support our policeman,” said Stacy Brown.

“They wake up every morning and put that uniform on, put their lives on the line for us,” added Leslee Hall.

So they’re honoring them with Joey Stublefield’s help. He put out an offer on Facebook this week to put blue vinyl strips on people’s cars. He says they’re to show officers that they’re appreciated. He’s getting a big response.

“Let the cops know that there are people out there that do support the job they do,” said Stublefield. “They may have a bad day or things may be going wrong but at least there is one person out there that supports them.”

He says he got the idea from drivers in Texas honoring Deputy Goforth, who was murdered at a gas station in August. He and several drivers getting the “thin blue lines” believe now more than ever, officers need backing. “Just like this is my job, this is your job. You can’t get hassled. You can’t get shot. You can’t get killed for doing your job,” said Stublefield.

So through the summer heat and sweat, Joey is cleaning, cutting and placing the decals for anyone who asks. He’s ordered several and he wants to see them on hundreds more, so he’ll put them on your car for free.

Joey says the more people that have them the stronger the message is for police. “There are people out here who support you whether we can say it to you every day or not,” Stublefield said to all law enforcement.

And he’s only asking for one thing in return,”just go out and if you see a cop today, thank them.”

To get your own free decal, you can go to Anderson Cell on Pearman Dairy Road in Anderson and ask for Joey.

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