Instagram Page Bullied Chesnee Students, Told One To Kill Himself

CHESNEE, S.C. – An anonymous Instagram page cyberbullied several students at an Upstate middle school, making fun of their weight, looks and even telling one student to go kill himself.

The page prompted the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office to launch an investigation to determine if whoever created the page broke any laws.

Sheriff’s office spokesman Lt. Kevin Bobo said a male student at Rainbow Lake Middle School in Chesnee was identified as the person who created the page. Bobo said the student has been suspended for ten days.

The page, which was taken down Thursday afternoon, was created by someone who claimed to be a student at the school. The page operator, known only by username “rlmsgatormystery,” posted photos of children taken offline that resembled other students at the school and solicited others to verbally berate the children.

“She was very upset,” said one parent, who didn’t want to use her name. “She was crying, wanting to know why does this keep happening.”

In some cases, the student at the center of the post read the comments and responded. One student, who was told to hang himself, replied, “What would you do if I actually killed myself?”

“They have no care for what they do to people. I’m scared that some child may end up really hurting themselves,” said one parent, who also didn’t want to use her name. “You can’t tell a child to hang themselves and think that they’re not going to question what they should do.”

Under South Carolina law, public schools are required to have policies that prohibit bullying and other forms of harassment.

Spartanburg School District 2 has not responded to multiple inquiries.















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