Man Accused of Mutilating Puppy

According to Hinesville GA Police they responded to a call of a dog being mutilated in the 700 block of Peggy Sue Street.

They say the dog’s owner told them he asked his neighbor Steven Dobbs, if he could watch his dog.

The owner says Dobbs took the Pitbull puppy to his home across the street.

When the owner got back and went to his neighbor’s house and asked for his dog.

According to the report, Dobbs allegedy told the owner, “I cut your dog’s tail off.  The ears are next.”

The owner said he thought Dobbs was joking at first.

The dog had made its way back home to owner’s home where he saw the dog’s tail was cut off about half of its original size.

The owner called 911.

Police went to Dobbs’ home to ask about the dog’s injury.

The report says Dobbs told the officers that the owner had given him the dog, and he did not cut the dogs tail off.

The officers noticed what appeared to be blood on the floor of the carport and they told Dobbs they were going to video tape it as they followed the trail.

The trail of blood led to a trash bin and the officers found what appeared to be a tail.

Dobbs was placed under arrest for Felony Cruelty to an Animal.

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