Simpsonville Police Officer Fired After Claims of Excessive Force

A Simpsonville police officer is fired for using excessive force on a suspect according to Simpsonville’s Police Chief, Keith Grounsell.

Speaking through a written statement, Grounsell said his department takes a zero tolerance approach to excessive force by cop, which is why they fired one of their own on Thursday.

According to Grounsell, Officer Brian Kurta was the subject of multiple internal complaints by other officers who said Kurta used “excessive force against a suspect.” He said body camera footage backed up the complaints and they asked for the state law enforcement division to open a criminal investigation into Kurta’s behavior. That investigation is ongoing.

Grounsell said this was an isolated incident and the suspect – who he now refers to as a “victim” – never complained about Officer Kurta. Grounsell said this came strictly from the inside and he hopes what they are calling “swift action” from their department will give the community peace of mind that they don’t condone or tolerate this kind of behavior.

Grounsell ended his statement saying, “We will always hold our officers to the highest of standards to maintain trust and accountability within the community that we serve.”

7 On Your Side spoke to SLED Spokeman, Thom Berry, on Thursday evening. He confirmed that SLED has opened a criminal investigation that’s ongoing.


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