Spartanburg County Investigators Warn Drivers to Lock Cars, Hide Valuables

The property crime investigators at the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office are asking drivers to use common sense and lock their vehicles to prevent becoming victims of car break-ins

Investigators said since June 1, 2015, 222 car break-ins have been reported to the Sheriff’s Office. The overwhelming majority of these incidents are occurring in residential areas between midnight and 5 AM.

There have been 38 incidents in the northwestern portion of the county, 42 in the northeastern, 70 in the central, and 66 in the southern. Out of that total number of 222 car break-ins, 179 of those vehicles were unlocked at the time of the incident, which means that approx. 78% of the time, owners may have been able to prevent the incident simply by locking their car.

Investigators tell 7 On Your Side that a car window was only broken or pried open in only 24 of the incidents, which is only 11 % of the time. Drivers are also leaving valuable items in plain view in their vehicles so deputies encourage drivers to either take the items inside their residences or lock them in their trunk.

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