DHEC Suspends Licenses Of Two SC Abortion Clinics

DHEC Suspends Licenses Of Two SC Abortion Clinics

South Carolina’s public health agency has suspended the licenses and threatened to close two of the state’s three abortion clinics.

The Department of Health and Environmental Control issued suspension orders Friday for Planned Parenthood’s Columbia clinic and the Greenville Women’s Clinic. The orders cite multiple violations found during recent inspections, including incomplete records, expired medicine and not properly disposing of aborted fetuses. Exactly what that means is unclear.

DHEC Director Catherine Heigel says the agency will work with the facilities to help them get into compliance.

The facilities have until Sept. 28 to do so before the orders take effect. They could also appeal through the Administrative Law Court.

Attorney General Alan Wilson says he’s reviewing the findings with state law enforcement to determine whether to pursue a criminal investigation.

The following is statement from Gov. Nikki Haley addressing the abortion facilities:

“The entire country was shocked by the videos showing Planned Parenthood employees’ horrifying disregard for human life. That prompted me to ask our appropriate state agency to investigate whether such wrongdoing was taking place in our state.  The Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) has now completed its investigation and has concluded that all three abortion clinics in the state are in fact in violation of South Carolina laws or regulations. 
This is completely unacceptable. I fully support DHEC’s actions, including its referral of the matter to SLED.  South Carolina is a compassionate state, and we are a state of laws.  We will not tolerate law breaking of any kind, particularly as it relates to the callous treatment of human life.”

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