Lawsuit Filed Against Oconee Co. School District Following Hazing Incident

A student has filed a lawsuit against an upstate school district after a hazing incident on a bus.

The lawsuit was filed in Oconee County Thursday by two Anderson attorneys representing the student, who says he was involved in the hazing incident in March.

It claims the student was a member of the Walhalla High School Varsity Soccer team and that he was physically, sexually and emotionally abused by older members.

The lawsuit aimed at the Oconee County School District comes 6 months after 4 players, a team manager and the head coach were kicked off of the Walhalla High School Boys Varsity Soccer Team.

They were removed after a member reported hazing allegations to the school on the bus at an away game back in March. The Head Coach at the time was fired and the 5 students were also suspended.

We spoke to the superintendent right after it happened, who said the school and police were taking the situation very seriously. “There was no excuse as far as thinking that what was going on was okay,” said Superintendent Michael Thorsland in March, right after the allegations were made.

Walhalla police found there was a hazing incident but would only tell us it involved sort of wrestling.

The new lawsuit filed by an unnamed minor and his parents claims more.  The student wants $100,000 from the school district for being forced into an “initiation” hazing involving sexual acts.

The student says he screamed but music was blaring and the coaches never helped him. He also says once he reported the incident he was bullied and harassed at school.

We reached out to the Oconee County School District for comments, but no one has returned our calls yet.

The Walhalla Police Department stopped their investigation and closed the case just weeks after the hazing allegations were made. No charges were made in the case.

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