Sailor asks Tim Tebow to the Navy Ball

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– Most of us have seen celebrities being asked to dances via social media. One lady in the Navy is changing things up a bit and asking Tim Tebow to the Navy Ball.

Meet Petty Officer Teresa Barber.

“I have been a huge fan of yours for years,” Barber said to Tebow right before she asked if he would accompany her to the Navy Ball. Teresa said she would have asked sooner, but knew he would be busy while in training camp.

“With the development of last week, I thought he might have some free time on his hands,” she said.

She created a twitter for the very first time to share her video with the athlete, in hopes that he sees it.

“Nobody else I would want to spend an evening talking to than somebody that is grounded in their beliefs and their faith, and determination in their life and goals,” Barber said.

Teresa’s recent deployment to Afghanistan made her want to seize the moment. She has only been to one navy ball and she’s ready to make her second one extra special.

“I learned for better or worse life can be very short so live in the moment,” she said. “I will have a full hair style, make up, the gown, the heels the full get up,” she said.

She’s hoping for a yes, but even just a simple tweet back would make her happy.

“Either way if I got a response at this point, it would be pretty cool to get the acknowledgement,” she said.

The Navy Ball is October 10th in downtown Colorado Springs.
We will let you know if she gets an answer.

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