Spartanburg Man Turns Himself In After Assaulting Officer

Darryl Lee Warden

The Spartanburg Police Department says a man turned himself in Wednesday after running from police a week earlier and reportedly assaulting an officer.

According to the report by the Spartanburg Police Department, an officer pulled over a speeding vehicle on Ammons Rd. and during the stop the driver, Darryl Lee Warden, jumped out of the vehicle and ran.

The incident started when the officer called Warden over to his patrol car after the traffic stop and Warden reportedly started fighting the officer, knocking the body camera worn on the officer’s head.

Warden ran away with a pink bag that was later recovered and contained a large amount of marijuana. Also near the bag was a 9 mm handgun.

Police were searching for Warden and had warrants out for his arrest for the crimes of driving under suspension, resisting arrest, unlawful carrying of a pistol, and possession of marijuana.

Warden eventually turned himself in on Wednesday and was released on bond Thursday morning.


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