Superheroes Protect Students After Rumors Of Threats


Two men, Travis Perigo, Superman, and David Wilkie, Batman, dressed up as superheroes Friday morning, greeting kids as they arrived to school.

Batman and Superman gave thumbs up and helped students out of their cars Friday morning at Boiling Springs Intermediate in Spartanburg School District 2.

Both parents and children were excited to see the superheroes there in light of rumors about threats to schools.

Last week a rumor started about gang members attacking schools in Cherokee, Union and Spartanburg counties on 9/11 on the orders of the Black Panthers.

SLED and sheriff’s for those counties had said the threats were not credible and without basis.

READ – Facebook Rumor About 9/11 School Attack ‘Without Basis’

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Boiling Springs Superhero - Courtesy of Melissa Stanley

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