Top 20 Baby Names To Be Overused This Century

With slightly fewer than four million babies being born in America each year, it’s nearly impossible to have an unduplicated name for your child, but there are some names that are predicted to be highly overused.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 3,999,386 infants were born in the U.S. in 2010, and it’s likely that many of those expecting parents were hunting through baby name books or sifting through the “most popular baby names” articles for ideas on what to call their bundle of joy.

There are, however, 20 baby names that will become overused over the next century, according to The lifestyle media website predicts parents of future generations will use the below 20 names far too often.

20. Noah
19. Brooklyn
18. Avery
17. Chloe
16. Audrey
15. Mason
14. Ariana
13. Sophia
12. Jayden
11. Emma
10. Elijah
9. Zoe
8. Carter
7. Leah
6. Addison
5. Jackson
4. Caden
3. Ava
2. Logan
1. Aiden

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