Top Student Scams To Avoid

The beginning of the school year is a prime time for scammers to target unsuspecting college students. So we looked into some of the top scams going on right now.

In many ways Jasmine Smith is the perfect scam target. It just so happens this Spartanburg Community College student has been waiting to hear back on whether she’s approved for a government loan.

She said two days ago “I got a phone call saying that I had been granted more money. And I was really excited.”

But then the caller asked her for some key information.

“They wanted my bank information and that was my warning flag,” she said.
2. Tuition Scam

Andre Kerr, the Campus Police Chief says another you need to watch out for is the tuition scam. Colleges do call asking for payment, but here’s what they won’t do.

“We would never call and threaten and say you need to give us a check right now, or ask them to go get the money on a money card and then give us the number of the money card so we can collect. It’s just strictly to let them know it’s got to be there by 5 O’clock on friday and pay the fees,” said Kerr.

3. Video/Photo Scam

Believe it or not, some students are also dealing with blackmail scams. Why? Because everyone has a cell phone and it’s easy to capture compromising behavior on video.

4. Text Book Scam
When it comes to expensive text books, there are two ways students get taken.

a) Campuses have reported thefts where crooks sell what they swipe to the book buy back.

b) There are also online sellers that take payment and never deliver.

Smith knows to be cautious, though she insists scammers are targeting the wrong demographic.

There’s nothing to take from my bank account,” she said, laughing.

She was let down by the bogus loan call, but hopefully when the real one comes through, it will be good news.

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