Greenville Co “Project Diamondback” Promises 100 Million Economic Investment

A 100 million dollar investment and 500 jobs are the big numbers touted by Greenville County’s latest economic development project.

It’s called “Project Diamondback” for now. The company hasn’t revealed itself yet, but it’s headed to Greenville looking to hire and, if approved, county leaders say the benefits are huge.

“It’s going to be a big deal for Greenville County,” said Greenville County Vice Chairman, Butch Kirven. “It’s an established company. It’s one that’s really solid. It’s a worldwide business and it was very competitive.”

Kirven said the international company, known for creating new technology and advanced materials, already has a presence in Greenville County, but this new development means expansion and jobs.

“We’re talking about at least 500 jobs in this situation here. [Its] a blend of existing jobs and new jobs,” said Kirven.

While the company and the county work out details, Kirven said the identity of the company will stay under wraps.

Tuesday, the county council passed a resolution offering tax breaks so the company can invest in existing property and building improvements. Kirven said it’s a project on the fast track.

“If council approves everything, by the end of October, everything that we can do should be done by then,” he said.

Kirven said it’s one of several projects on the horizon, Crediting the Upstate Alliance, Greenville Area Development Corporation and the Department of Commerce for a record breaking success.

“We’re having a good year,” said Kirven. “Our people are good, hard workers. They are smart. They want to learn and companies just love that.”

Kirven said Greenville was chosen after a worldwide search and the new technology will be produced right here at home. Kirven called it a “high demand product” but “not particularly automotive.

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