CAUGHT ON TAPE: IRS Scammer Calls Tax Professional

We’ve warned you about the IRS scam call. This month several of you have told us, bogus agents are still calling trying to trick people into thinking they owe taxes. One of them even reached a tax professional.

IRS Enrolled Agent Dan Thomas, with Jackson Hewitt, said his wife looked like a ghost after she got the call,

“She hands me the phone, she says, the IRS is suing us. I said, no they’re not. She says, you gotta listen to this,” said Thomas.

The message said the IRS was filing a lawsuit against them.

With cameras rolling, he called back. The video above shows how the bogus IRS agent asked for his phone number and name, and told him he owed $2643.40 He told Thomas to withdraw the money from his bank account and he would be given further instructions.

After the scammer told Thomas he would go to court if he didn’t pay, Thomas told the scammer he is an IRS Enrolled Agent and would report him. He hung up.

We can’t say this enough. The IRS will not call you unless you’ve reached out to the Agency first. And under no circumstance will it sue you. They have their own collection methods, but they’re not going to take you to court.

Since it takes so long to reach the real IRS, Thomas wants to remind people to not give-in to fear tactics.

If you get a phony call or email you can report it to You can also call 1-800-366-4484.

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