Moped Rentals Launch in Columbia

COLUMBIA, S.C. – A smartphone app called “Scootaway” might be the next uber, but for mopeds.

The app shows you where to find areas for moped destinations on a map, and for $2.99 per half-hour, you can unlock the moped to access the helmet and start the engine.

Riders can then drive to where they are going, and return the moped to the closest parking site which can be located on the app.

USC alumni Frank Scozzafava is the CEO of Scootaway, he said safety is a huge concern of the company.

“You’re agreeing to wear your helmet and if you don’t wear it and something happens you will not be covered by our insurance,” he said. “So we make it safe for everybody, and it’s a great way to get around.”

He said Scootaway is working on an agreement with the University of South Carolina to help students commute to and from class safely. He also hopes to make commuting from apartment complexes that are further away from campus easier for students.

Scootaway will be expanding throughout SC within the next year.

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