Parents Recreate Daughter’s Selfies With Boyfriend

WFLA got permission from @NancyMusson & @EmilyMusson

Emily Musson is a 21-year old student in NYC who likes to take a lot of selfies, so when she recently started dating her new boyfriend, Johnny, the couple decided to commemorate their relationship with a series of selfies.


When her parents, Nancy and Craig, saw the photos they decided to recreate some of them and share them with their daughter on her Facebook page. Humored by the recreations of her parents, Musson tweeted the photos alongside the original photos of her and her boyfriend, where they were retweeted tens of thousands of times, since September 8th.

For Musson, the resulting viral tweets seemed beyond her wildest prediction of what might happen when she decided to tweet the photos. In one tweet, Musson says “I mean I guess this is funny but not like over 30K favs funny.”

Even her mother jumped in on the fun tweeting “For my children who always thought I was boring, embarrassing, or dorkey, I am Trending!!! Get over yourself. Hoo ya! #momsarecool.”

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