Man Unhappy With Police Response Finds His Own Stolen Jeep

Courtesy of KRQE

ALBUQUERQUE – An Albuquerque man is patting himself on the back.

The man did what police told him he couldn’t do – he found his stolen Jeep.

Joshua Lawrence says thieves stole his Jeep from his home near The University of New Mexico while he was trying to fix it. When he called police, Joshua says they told him they probably couldn’t find it. That’s when he set out to find it on his own.

Lawrence followed a long trail of radiator fluid leaking from his Jeep. He found the car around the corner. He thinks the thieves didn’t know the Jeep was busted and quickly ditched it.

Lawrence isn’t happy with how the police handled the investigation.

“The cops came over here, they had no desire to go over and investigate. I gave them all kinds of leads of what I would do if I had their job. They don’t care,” Joshua said.

Lawrence says he’ll continue the investigation himself.

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