Armed Robbers Target Businesses, Stores Across Upstate

Armed thieves are targeting businesses across the Upstate.

Restaurants gas stations and some stores all hit within the past few weeks. Police say surveillance cameras don’t seem to be slowing them down.

Anderson County Sheriff’s office says they’ve had 44 armed robberies at homes and businesses so far this year.

Some Upstate business owners say the recent crimes are keeping them on their toes.

“With some criminals, they just get so desperate that they overlook the odds of them getting caught,” said Lt. Tilley, Anderson Police.

“I am more alert now, just because it is realistic. It’s happening,” said Kristi Pulliam, Owner of W&M Hair Designs.

Police say while it may seem like there have been more recent armed robberies, the numbers have gone down in recent years.

On many of these armed robberies, investigators say it’s likely someone knows information about the people responsible.

If you know something you can pass that information to police and still remain anonymous.

Just call your local police department or contact “Crime Stoppers.”

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