Neighbors Safe After Fire at Crescent Point Apartments in Seneca

Fire tore through the Crescent Point apartment complex in Seneca, Thursday. It displaced 13 people and affected a total of 75 due to power outage.

Despite the loss of their home and possessions, one family is grateful they are alive and their unborn baby is safe.

“One month from today she’s due,” explained Kelli Miller.

Just this week, Kelli and husband, Cameron, had a baby shower in preparation for the arrival of their little girl. Now, everything is gone including the crib, her clothes, tiny shoes and toys. Yet, the Miller’s were smiling, Thursday. They were grateful instead of tearful.

“Stuff can be replaced and I’m just glad that we’re all ok. It’s only things at the end of the day,” said Kelli.

Kelli says she was home when she smelled smoke and heard the alarm. She got her cat and phone and flew out the door.

“When I opened the door there was a bunch of smoke. So, I went through the smoke, down the stairs and then I looked to my left and I saw the flames. I thought, “I’m not dying like this,” said Kelli.

Once safe, she called husband, Cameron.

“I flew. Probably the fastest I ever got home from work,” said Cameron.

The millers join 11 other people who lost their homes. 3 units were badly damaged by flames and three others by smoke. Fortunately, nobody was hurt according to Seneca Fire Department.

Across the complex, neighbors helped their neighbors by providing shelter and reconnecting furry friends.

“[I] hugged him [and] loved him. [I] loved him to pieces. He gave me kisses so it was wonderful,” said Melanie Davis, who was fearful her dog, Levi, was injured in the blaze.

The common theme from neighbors was how grateful they were for the quick action of the fire department and that everyone is safe.

“We will leave God in control. He’s got a plan for us and this is just stuff,” explained Cameron Miller.

As for their little one to be, the Miller’s say it’ll be quite the story to tell her when she’s older.

“She’s coming into an exciting time,” said Kelli.

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