Chester Superintendent Resigns After Accused Of Saying, ‘I Will Kill You’

CHESTER, S.C.- Chester County school Superintendent Agnes Slayman has resigned after a report surfaced saying that she threatened to kill district employees and created a hostile work environment.

An investigative report given to the school board was obtained by The Herald of Rock Hill.

It includes district employees saying Slayman told a staff member, “I will kill you,” and told another employee, “I will cut your throat out.” The employees say more than half of the district’s senior staff have sought medical attention for stress-related health issues and depression.

Slayman’s attorney says she has done nothing to cause employees to seek medical attention and has never “seriously threatened to kill anybody.”

Slayman resigned Thursday night, and the school board agreed to pay her $300,000.

The following is a statement from Sandra Stroman, vice chairman of the Chester county school board of trustees regarding Slayman’s resignation:

“Last night, I reluctantly voted to accept the resignation of Dr. Agnes Slayman because I believed it was in the best interest of Dr. Slayman and the district. Today, I remain heartbroken about this decision, and regret the negative effect her resignation will have on the students, teachers, staff, and taxpayers of Chester County.

“Dr. Slayman brought this district into the 21st century with innovation in technology that has resulted in rising scores and increased partnerships with businesses both in our county and across the nation. Among the long list of achievements under her leadership are the recently announced SAT scores, which have exceeded the state average for the first time ever.

“Unfortunately, Dr. Slayman’s reputation and integrity were irreparably impugned by anonymous attacks and leaks that were circulated among the newspapers and online. The Chester County School Board was then led down a path where there was little choice, except to reluctantly allow her resignation.

“Dr. Slayman has been, and continues to be, a person of great integrity, energy, and brilliance. I can only pray now that Dr. Slayman, our students, faculty, and the community will be able to make the best of this tragic situation.

Information from: The Herald,

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