This County Has A Divorce Rate of Almost 90%

There are four counties in Tennessee where the divorce rate is higher than the marriage rate.

Hartsville is the self-proclaimed heart of Tennessee, and at the local salon, Betsy Walker says she’s a pro at divorce — she’s done it four times.

“Just trade ‘em in, get a new model, like a car,” she said.

The stylist isn’t surprised by the data from the Tennessee Department of Health.

In 2013, the last year the data was available, more people filed for divorce than for marriage licenses in Trousdale County where Hartsville is.

Click here to view the marriage and divorce rate data.

“Everybody is in everybody’s business and everybody knows each other here. So probably a lot of people get caught,” said Walker.

The health department data shows about 50 percent of couples in Tennessee get divorced.

In Trousdale County, it’s almost 90 percent.

Brad Frakes is a family attorney in Nashville. He said the leading causes of divorce are sex and money.

“In my experience it’s infidelity, somebody is unhappy with the other for having sexual relations with someone else, cheating. Or it’s money issues. They’ve improperly spent money or just aren’t making enough money,” he said.

Kenny Linville is a judge in town and has been married for over forty years. He says he sees courtrooms full people looking to get divorced.

“Some of them maybe married for 30, 40 years,” he said.

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