Three Arrested In Early Morning Bojangles Robbery Attempt

Rickey Archie Giles (L), Brad Lee Harris (M), Michael Eugene Reddy (R)

Three suspects have been arrested and charged after admitting to carrying out an early morning robbery attempt at the Bojangles in Roebuck on Highway 221 Friday morning.

According to the report from the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office, three masked and armed males came into the store around 5:30 a.m. and attempted to commit a robbery.

A female employee of the Bojangles restaurant used a box cutter to fend off the masked suspects. She cut one of them on the arm, and also cut herself accidentally while trying to defend herself along with the other employees.

The report states that later in the morning two people showed up to the emergency room so one of them could get treatment for a cut on the arm. This tip led officials to the hospial so they could question the people who showed up for treatment.

One of the suspects was taken into custody at the hospital. The second suspect ran away but was found a short time later and also taken into custody.

After the suspects were questioned, they admitted their involvement in the robbery attempt and named the third suspect.

The three who were arrested and have been charged were identified as Rickey Archie Giles, 17 of Woodruff, Michael Eugene Reddy, 17 of Enoree and Brad Lee Harris, 22 of Roebuck.

Giles was identified as the suspect who was cut during the robbery attempt and Reddy reportedly took Giles to the hospital for treatment.

All three suspects were charged with attempted armed robbery and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.


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