Flood Insurance: What You Should Know To Protect Your Car And Home

Whether your car or basement was flooded overnight all the images you’ve been seeing of flooding in Spartanburg this week may have you thinking about protecting your property (there was actually a snail that ended up in one muddied car in the attached video).

Flood insurance is not always included and if you do have water damage there are things you have to do right away.

State Farm Agent Cliff Gaubert says keep in mind keep in mind, liability insurance does not cover flood damage for cars, only comprehensive.

He says if you see damage that you believe effects the electrical system or engine, it’s important to call right away to prove that water damage is to blame for problems you may face down the road.  One way to tell is if the oil level is high.

On the flip side, he said, And he says every claim could affect your rate. With some companies, even a call can spark a claim you hadn’t intended to file.

“So you need to be careful and make sure that you have significant damage before you go and start calling. You know, if your tires are wet, you probably don’t want to file a claim for that. But if water has gotten in your car, it absolutely needs to be looked at by your professional,” said Gaubert.

The inspector will know if the damage is more than 70 percent of the value, a total loss.

If your car has flooding damage there’s a couple of things you’re going to want to do and not do. First of all do not start the engine. If there’s water in it, that could ruin the car. Also open all the doors to air everything out.

It’s your responsibility to minimize the damage. That’s the same with flooding in your home if the pipes break, which is covered by most home insurance. Rising water from outside is not.

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