Heavy Rain Causing Flooding Problems In Spartanburg

Flooding in Spartanburg
Flooding in Spartanburg

Heavy rain caused issues for many people in the Upstate, Thursday morning.

There was major flooding in Spartanburg County. Doug Bryson with Emergency Management says the most impacted areas were:

  • Hayne and Ethel Roads- A culvert pipe was washed out and there’s a sinkhole in that area. Bryson also says a man was swept away in his vehicle. The man managed to cling to a tree and is now in the hospital, Bryson adds.
  • Howard Road (at Simuel Rd.)- Officials say this is a normal flooding spot.
  • New Cut Road Railroad Underpass- Another normal flooding spot, officials say.

If you experience power outages, please refer to your respective power company’s information below:

  • Duke Energy: 1-800-Power-ON
  • Greer CPW: 1-864-848-5500
  • Laurens Electric: 1-866-9-RESTORE
  • Blue Ridge Electric: 1-800-240-3400
  • Broad River Electric: 1-864-489-5738
  • French Broad Electric:
    • Madison: 1-828-649-2051
    • Mitchell: 1-828-688-4815
    • Yancey:1-828-682-6121


fIMG_1326 IMG_1207 IMG_1203 flooding 2

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