Rescue Dog Has Seven Pound Tumor Removed In Anderson

Neo After Surgery


A Siberian Husky named Neo with a seven pound tumor is recovering after a life-saving surgery to remove it.

Neo before the surgery

Neo was given to the Anderson County Humane Society on September 14th, because they were better equipped to handle the situation.

After being turned away by numerous veterinarians, some suggesting to euthanize the dog, Dr. Bobby Long of the Magnolia Animal Hospital performed the surgery.

The husky was up walking, eating, and drinking after the 26-inch growth was removed. The Humane Society says Neo is now doing well in recovery.

He was set to return home Thursday afternoon.

Would you like to help the Anderson County Humane Society help animals like Neo? The organization says they are in constant need of supplies and food for pets. Donations can be made on their website, HERE.

The organization also operates a low cost spay and Nueter clinic for low income citizens in Anderson County. It’s a private not-for-profit animal welfare organization. They are volunteer-based and do not recieve county funds. They depend solely on donations.

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